The SPIKE Model 829 Power Fault Analyzer spike
Springbok’s Model 829 Power Fault Analyzer is a revolutionary instrument designed to accurately locate intermittent arcing faults on live low voltage AC power cable.

The short term benefits of this instrument include improving the quality of service to your customer. Long term benefits also include lowering your operating and maintenance costs.

The instrument is designed to operate on cable while it is still in service. A typical deployment requires two instruments, one on either end of a faulty section of cable.

The rugged instrument is designed for all outside plant applications. It can be deployed at any access point along the cable network and will test between the neutral conductor and one of the phase conductors.

Each kit includes two Power Fault Analyzers that gather and evaluate the transient fault data, probes for connecting to the cable under test, USB cable, Cordura® nylon instrument bags with a shoulder strap, operator’s manual and a deployment reference card.

After the deployment, the test data is compiled, assembled and analyzed in one instrument. The data is displayed in a table listing the distance to the fault.