Tracker Pro

Introducing the first touch screen TDR in the world. With one touch, save a waveform and have your customers back online in seconds. Diagnose the cable remotely in your truck or back at the office. With a multi-pulse waveform storage, you can work remotely just like you were live on the cable.

Test cable and work live, using Tracker Pro’s intuitive interface & state of the art technology to more accurately diagnose & locate multiple events on a cable.

Or work remotely with Springbok’s revolutionary new feature: Tracker Store. With one touch, Tracker Pro will cycle through each of its pulse widths, storing the full waveform regardless of what is on screen. This file can be recalled, displayed and studied on the instrument’s screen or downloaded (via USB) to a PC. You can now display and manipulate the waveform using Tracker View, allowing you to work from the comfort of your truck or office.

Pulse Widths:

5 nsec, 20 nsec, 50 nsec, 100 nsec, 500 nsec

7” LCD color touchscreen display (800 x 480)

60 multi-pulse waveform memory

Multiple marking and measurement cursors

Splashproof USB connection

Bluetooth 4.0

9.12” x 7.56” x 4.37”

3 lbs 10 oz

4200 mAh Nickel-metal-hydride battery

Max cable length: 15,965.18 ft

Signal filtering: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

14 bits

Operating temperature 0º C – 50º C (32º F – 122º F)

Storage temperature -20º C – 60º C (-4º F – 140º F)

Humidity 95% maximum relative, non-condensing

Horizontal Resolution 0.1 foot

Vertical Resolution 14 bits at 193 dots

Distance Accuracy 0.44 feet @ 99% VOP

0.38 feet @ 85% VOP

0.18 feet @ 40% VOP

Input Protection 400 V (AC + DC) from DC to 400 Hz

decreasing to 10 V at 1 MHz